Early Years Toolbox

The Early Years Toolbox (EYT) is a collection of readily accessible measures of young children’s emerging cognitive, self-regulatory, language, numeracy and social development. Each measure is a brief, engaging, game-like assessment that has been developed for the iPad.

About the Toolbox

The Early Years Toolbox (EYT) was developed as an advance over existing measures to capture abilities that research has shown to be more predictive of later academic, social, emotional, cognitive and life outcomes.

Every EYT measure is developed and evaluated to ensure the following characteristics:

  • Brief: 5-8 minutes per task
  • Playful: engaging, game-like assessment that doesn’t feel like assessment
  • Portable: can be administered in most contexts (e.g., preschools), with just an iPad
  • Readily accessible: accessible without permissions or prohibitive costs, and use does not require a particular qualification
  • Dynamic: leverages affordances of technology (e.g., embedded parallel forms, child performance charts) without requiring children to be familiar with the technology
  • Developmentally appropriate: valid and reliable for use with young children aged 3-6 years, spanning the pre-school and transition to primary school periods
  • Yields meaningful, developmentally sensitive data about children’s development: captures rapid changes in core abilities in the early years
  • Aligned with international frameworks and curricula: articulates with key learning outcomes identified in prominent international frameworks and curricula