EYT Training and Resources

While we have made these apps easily and freely accessible (no prior permissions required for download or use, and no central data collection for which you must gain access), we do recommend that all data collectors be trained in their proper use. This typically involves an hour or two of face-to-face workshop talking about the apps, their aims, the role of the data collector, common and uncommon occurrences in the field and submitting/checking data. It is also preferable that prior to data collection, data collectors have the opportunity to practice administration of the apps with an appropriately aged child, with a more senior data collector providing feedback. This will help ensure standardisation of fieldworker responses, sufficient engagement of the fieldworker during data collection, and ensure they are not 'over-helping' during data collection. For those with more experience working with young children and administering psychological measures, this training can be reduced.

Training Videos

Below, we provide some training videos to support this. These videos can also be found in each app’s ‘Helper Guide’, accessed from the ‘?’ icon on the app’s home screen.


Mr Ant

Not This

Go/No Go

Card Sorting



Using EYT Tools

Using EYT Data

Training Resources

Below we have provided some additional training materials and supports that we use in our face-to-face training with our data collectors.

Training Slides: This is a set of PowerPoint slides that we adapt for each training session, based on the nature of the study and the apps that will be in use. We provide these in .pptx form so they can be similarly modified for others’ purposes.

Implementation Fidelity Checklist: This is a checklist that can be used to evaluate administration of the apps by a user. It ensures appropriate implementation to generate the child’s best independent performance.