About the Team

Dr Steven Howard

Steven Howard is a Lecturer at the University of Wollongong and a member of the Early Start Research Institute. Dr Steven Howard’s program of research investigates the development of domain-general cognitive processes (e.g., working memory, executive function, self-regulation) in the preschool and primary school years, as well as the educational implications of these changing cognitive capacities. His research to date has sought to clarify the nature of executive functions and self-regulation. He has led or been a named researcher on large-scale studies that have garnered more than $2.6 million in research funding. In collaboration with Ted Melhuish, he has co-created (i.e., conceptualised, developed and validated) the internationally adopted Early Years Toolbox to assess young children’s executive function, self-regulation and language development. The toolbox is now in use across 5 continents, across research and educational contexts. He has also co-authored a children’s picture book with embedded cognitive activities as a low-cost, evidence-based means for parents and educators to engage and enhance young children’s executive functioning and self-regulation.

Professor Edward Melhuish

Edward Melhuish is a Professor of Human Development at the University of Oxford, Birkb. He was the Executive Director of the National Evaluation of Sure Start from 2001-2012. He has also been involved in the Effective Provision of Pre-school Education (EPPE) and Effective Pre-school Provision in Northern Ireland (EPPNI). These studies contributed to the formulation of social policy in the UK in the area of families with young children, early years services and education, such as the universal provision of a pre-school place for all 3 and 4 year-olds and the establishment of 3500 Children’s Services, the government’s Every Child Matters and 10-Year Childcare strategies, the 2004 Children Act and the 2006 Childcare Bill. He has undertaken research in 12 countries. His research in the 1980s influenced the 1989 Children Act, and later research has influenced the 2005 Children Act, 2006 Childcare Bill and policy on childcare, early education, child poverty and parental support in the UK and other countries. He has conducted research for the Medical Research Council, Economics and Social Research Council, Save the Children Fund, DCSF, DoH and several other government and voluntary sector agencies. Professor Melhuish has acted as a consultant for design for children, children's organizations (e.g. UNESCO), government departments (e.g. DfE, DWP, DoH, Treasury, Prime Minister’s Office, and film, television and radio companies. He has served as an expert witness to several House of Commons Select Committees and is a consultant to the Stanford Research Institute, USA, and a scientific advisor to the Nordic Research Council, Academy of Finland, Portuguese Research Council, German Research Council, the Australian Research Council, South Korea, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Chile, as well as the European Commission, OECD and WHO.

Simon Chadwick

Simon Chadwick is a cartoonist, illustrator and author based in the New Forest in the UK. He’s created over a dozen books to date, such as his popular New Forest Friends series, and takes great pleasure in his creative collaborations with others.
Simon’s cartoon and illustration work has appeared in books, magazines, promotional material, packaging and advertising for many of the UK’s leading restaurant, leisure and travel brands, and for clients in the UK, America, Canada, South Korea, Greece, the Middle East and Australia.
He particularly enjoys drawing wildlife, fantastical beasts, monsters and dinosaurs. Especially dinosaurs.
Visit him at ceratopia.co.uk or follow him on @ceratopia