Interpreting Toolbox Data (Preliminary Norms)

NOTE: What we present below are preliminary norms from a large initial sample of children with good representation of SES, gender, maternal education, age and Indigeneity. Please note that this sample was not a purposefully selected normative sample and norms will thus be updated as additional data are collected. However, this does not detract from one's ability to to use the toolbox to yield good developmental sensitivity, or the ability compare (with the above caution in mind) results against these preliminary norms."

To establish preliminary norms for the Early Years Toolbox (EYT), we combined data from five initial studies using the EYT, yielding a large sample (N = 1,764) with good representation across the levels of core population demographic characteristics (i.e., gender, SES, maternal education, Indigeneity), in order to examine its reliability, convergent validity, and establish preliminary norms. A full report of these norms can be found in:  

Howard, S. J., & Melhuish, E. (2015). An Early Years Toolbox (EYT) for assessing early executive function, language, self-regulation, and social development: Validity, reliability, and preliminary norms. Manuscript submitted for publication to Early Childhood Research Quarterly.  

For ease of reference, we have also provided summary tables of these norms below: